We believe that insurance brokers should have access to information from anywhere to manage their business effectively and build trusting relationships with clients.

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Want to be more effective? Of course you do! Our insurance broker software works with your existing technology to make you look like the seasoned pro you are: Brokercore simplifies and manages tasks, helps you manage risk, and best of all? It’s easy to use.

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No additional costs for servers, backups or even data storage

  • Words from the street.

    “Sage Advisor Resources has been using Brokercore for almost a year and we couldn’t be happier. Super user-friendly with drag and drop features, no double entry & great CRM feature, without the giant price tag.”

    Janis Losie, BA CIP - Director, Member Services & Marketing
    Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta
  • Words from the street.

    "Over the years, I've struggled to find the right insurance management solution. Brokercore works with my existing Microsoft Office® software and its easy integration promises a great solution with minimal roll-out."

    Dafydd Griffith, Pirbright

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