Finally, commercial insurance software that’s fully digital

Brokercore is uniquely designed to improve the experiences of commercial brokers and MGAs, and their policyholders.

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Brokercore is a commercial insurance solution that helps your brokerage staff be more efficient, so you can reduce your operating costs and get support to scale — while giving your customers a more convenient digital experience.

Brokercore helps you process policies faster, reduce wasted time and get the support you need to scale your brokerage

Proven to reduce operating costs

Using automated, repeatable processes, you can reduce manual data entry headaches and staffing costs.

Easy configuring to meet your unique needs

No hard coding required with the fast and flexible software that can be optimized for your policy-holder experience.

Responsive and candid service

We want to hear from you. You’ll get prompt, friendly help and candid advice about what’s possible.

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Designed to serve both policyholders and commercial MGAs and brokerages.