Our inspiration: A £20,000 gorilla

September 25, 2015

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If it weren’t for an old-school desk phone, Brokercore might not exist. Why? Because nobody slams a cell phone down when they’re mad.

The slamming of the phone led to a conversation over a calming pint of Guinness. The Slammer (a nickname that has NOT stuck, by the way) was the owner of a small insurance brokerage. A few months earlier he had searched high and low for a software platform to help him manage his commercial insurance needs. The only software he found that would work and was in his price range was made by a company out of the UK, so he entered into a multi-year contract where he would pay the provider £1,000 per month, and in a few months they would release a “Canadianized” version of their software for him to use.

Well, those few months had passed, and the conversation that preceded that epic phone beat down was the service provider informing our friend that a) the required modifications were going to require a lot more time than initially thought and b) he would need to pay them an additional £20,000 to get the job started. Needless to say our friend was not amused.

That conversation was the genesis of Brokercore – we’ve combined his brokerage experience with our software know-how to build technology that helps brokers do their essential activities better. We make managing your commercial and personal insurance policies easier, because we want you to be a happier broker. And we don’t want any more innocent desk phones hurt.

Want to find out how to protect your own desk phone? The Brokercore free trial is a great first step. Drop me a line at and let’s chat!