Truly easy to use.

Work just the way you’re used to.

Build client relationships.

brokercore-check-dot.svgBetter manage relationships.

Create profiles for clients starting from the prospect stage through to policy binding and renewal.

brokercore-check-dot.svgStay on top of correspondence.

Keeping up with filing gets easier when you can drag and drop emails or send and receive email from Brokercore synchronized with Microsoft O365 mail, documents and images directly to client files, all kept in one, central place your whole team can see.

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brokercore-check-dot.svgYour to-do list, simplified.

Auto-generated activities help you easily manage policies. See what you need to do next to ensure applications, payments, and renewals are processed properly. Customize activities as you like.

brokercore-check-dot.svgCommunicate securely in your own style.

Brokercore turns the private documents you email to your client (like quotes and policy details) into secure attachment links and lets you track when customers view the links. Safe and snazzy too – you can customize your email templates.

Manage policies more efficiently.

Policy Management 2

brokercore-check-dot.svgGet quick, easy access to partners.

Insurer homepages help you keep track of insurers, brokers or referral partners the way you would any client. Add contact info, notes, documents for easy future access.

brokercore-check-dot.svgBring the details into focus.

Easily manage endorsements, claims, and important policy details, ensuring you never miss a renewal or change.

Dashboard And Reporting

brokercore-check-dot.svgCertificates getting you down?

Brokercore creates and tracks certificates, minimizing hassle and risk to your brokerage.

brokercore-check-dot.svgEasily review the status of any policy or file.

Your audit trail is automated with reports on activity history for policy and client files. Need a report you don’t see? Let us know - we’d be happy to add it.

Simplified back office features.


brokercore-check-dot.svgKeep closer tabs on revenue.

Generate invoices from templates, then track invoices and client payments. Easy.

brokercore-check-dot.svgAccess your data anywhere, on any device.

Brokercore’s a Web-based application, hosted on Microsoft® Azure Cloud, so all you need is a computer or device with an internet connection and a browser.

Brokerage Management 2

brokercore-check-dot.svgWorried about security?

We’ve got that covered. Microsoft® Azure Trusted Cloud helps ensure your data stays secure and automatically backed up.

brokercore-check-dot.svgApplication updates made simple.

With your software in the cloud, there are no hassles with installing upgrades. Simply log in, and you’re always up to date.

Seamlessly integrate…

Office365 Brokercore Transparent

With Office 365™ mail.

Office 365 integration helps you simplify email communication. Select and attach emails to the client file quickly and easily with the click of a mouse to keep track of client correspondence.

You can also send an email from Brokercore to your clients and the email will be saved in the O365 email sent folder.

Integrations Verticle5

Connect to RingCentral and select phone call recordings with clients and add the recording to the client file to minimize E&O risks.

Leverage MailChip services to create email marketing campaigns within Brokercore.

Integrated with QuickBooks on-line allows you to use the #1 rated small business accounting software. Run your whole business better with QuickBooks.

Integrations 2

With third-party organizations.

  • Ready for growth. Business isn’t static, so Brokercore won’t be, either. We designed it to be ready and willing to support our future innovations and industry standards.
  • Integration with Lloyd’s Lineage* helps make reporting and settlement simple and automated for Lloyd’s coverholders.
  • A member of the CSIO embracing a digital, and mobile-first philosophy,implementing Personal & Commercial Lines solutions, based on industry standards.
  • Technical partnerships with key domestic Insurers and data services such as Power-soft for rating services.
  • Brokercore's flexible, open platform works well with many MGA offerings.

* Coming in 2018. Some extra charges may apply.

Integrations 3

Roll your own.

With a rich API, we can help you integrate directly to Brokercore. Whether you’re building a formal connector or integrating with your current internal workflow, we can help.

Onboard with ease.

Getting Started 1

brokercore-check-dot.svgWorry-free data migration.

You’ve got a lot of stuff to manage, and we’re here to help. We’ll assist with data migration from your older system and getting your instance of Brokercore up and running, so you can get back to providing top-notch service.

brokercore-check-dot.svgTry it, then pivot.

Our System Staging process lets you take Brokercore updates and new versions for a spin with your own data before you upgrade to the latest version.

Getting Started 2

Training and support.

Sure, Brokercore’s easy to learn, but we’re here to show you the ropes so it always goes smoothly.

  • Instructional videos share tips and introduce new features.
  • Online forums let you ask questions to other brokers (and our team) for quick answers.
  • Technical support gets you free help from the Brokercore team.
  • Brokercore training system – practice on the software without impacting your real data. See what happens when you cancel a policy and reinstate it. Give it a whirl.

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