Real tech for real people

Most people hope they’ll never need to make an insurance claim, but buying it is a pretty important part of life. So, why not transform the process to make it easy?

We make real insurance products for the real human beings who use them. By putting ourselves in their shoes, we created a solution that makes selling insurance faster for brokers, and easier for customers.

The state of the industry

Limited innovation. Frustrated brokers. Clunky, legacy technology. That’s what Brokercore’s founders saw when they looked at the insurance industry.

Many brokers packaged policies manually. The ones who tried technology solutions were disappointed when their providers over promised and under delivered. Brokers and MGAs were paying too much to get off-the-shelf solutions customized to actually fit their needs.

Challenging the status quo

The Brokercore team knew it was time to try something new.

They’d worked with the tools that were frustrating brokerages and MGAs for many years. That’s how they got the idea for a complete digital insurance experience that could automate processes, be customized to individual clients and free up brokers to get back to their business of selling insurance.

And so, Brokercore was born.

 The leadership team

Doug Anderson

Doug Anderson


Instrumental from day one of Brokercore, Doug oversees strategy and product roadmaps. With over 30 years of experience in software, he likes to collaborate openly with clients to create better products and really great service. Doug’s special power is questioning the status quo. That means if you ask for his opinion on something, you should be prepared for an honest answer.

Chris Farris

Chris Farris

Director of Business Development

Chris oversees new business opportunities and customer satisfaction. With more than 30 years of experience in business development, Chris has a long track record selling enterprise software, technology, and consulting services. He’s passionate about helping companies innovate and evolve their operations using technology.
Bruce Kimpel

Bruce Kimpel

Director of Operations

Bruce oversees customer engagement, new program onboarding, business efficiencies, and managing development. With 30 years of project delivery experience across several industries, Bruce uses his deep technical knowledge to bridge the gap between technical and business stakeholders. He asks for the best, plans for the worst and surrounds himself with great people who can handle whatever the outcome is.

Tony Filice, COO, Mitchell & Abbott Group

“As applications or renewals come in, they get issued and it’s all done digitally through the Brokercore system. All the paper, all the mess and all the catching up — is gone.”

Dafydd Griffith, President, Pirbright Professions

“Because of Brokercore, we have transformed our policy workflow, scaled our business without adding staff and reduced our E&O exposure.”

Kelly Duncan, Account Executive, SAGE Advisor Resources Corp.

“Brokercore has allowed us to become completely paperless managing client policies and correspondence in one place, it is easy to use, simplifies our daily workflows, and saves us time.”

We’d love to tell you more

Reach out to us to learn more about how Brokercore can serve the needs of your brokerage or MGA.